1. Sale agreed with your Auctioneer; This entails your Auctioneer asking that you pay 5% of the deposit.  Don’t worry should your sale fall through or you have a change of mind, this money is refundable.  Once Contracts for Sale are fully executed, both parties are legally bound.  At this stage you will be required to complete the transaction and no money will be refunded.
  2. Mortgage Approval; Once you are mortgage approved your Bank & your Auctioneer will request details as to who your Solicitors will be.  Your Auctioneer will send a note of the Vendors Solicitors details to us.
  3. Contracts for Sale: Usually it takes approximately 3 weeks for Contracts to be issued from the Vendors Solicitors.  This is because Title Deeds are normally held by the Vendors Bank’s and can take a little bit of time to release.  Once we receive your contract, we review the Title to the property you are purchasing and ask any necessary pre-Contract queries.
  4. Closing; Once all necessary queries have been dealt with by the Vendors Solicitors and we are happy that you are purchasing ‘good title’ we will arrange for you to execute your Contracts & mortgage documents with us.  At this stage you will pay over the balance 5% deposit to us.  This is to make up the 10% deposit.
  5. Getting your Keys; We then liaise with your Bank to release your mortgage to us.  NB: Always make sure that your Bank has your Direct debit mandate (paying back your mortgage, Life Assurance, Home Insurance. Once loan funds are received from your Bank & all necessary closing documents have been received from the Vendors Solicitors, we will arrange an e-transfer of funds & closing searches.  Closing Searches are requisitioned to ensure that nothing untoward has occurred prior to closing your transaction.
  6. Bingo, KEYS are released!!!! Your Keys will usually be with your Auctioneer.

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