Wills & Estate Planning

The idea of drafting a Will can often times be a daunting task.  It is advisable that you make a Will especially where there are children involved or you own any form of assets (property, land, cars, bank accounts etc);

Common Applications dealt with by Denise Cassidy Solicitors;

  • Grants of Administration where a Testator dies Intestate (no Will)
  • Grants of Probate where a Testator dies with a valid Will having being executed.
  • Advice for Executors (Will) & Administrators (no Will).
  • Advice for various persons (such as Spouses, Children etc.) as to entitlements under the Succession Act 1965.

Useful Checklist:

When calling to draft a Will with us always ensure;

  1. You can call to mind the person or persons who would expect to be entitled to a share of your Estate (Spouse, Children, Parents, Siblings etc.).
  2. You can call to mind all of your assets, bank accounts, debts owed by you, property or land which you own & your personal property such as cars, machinery etc.
  3. Have two names in mind as to who you would trust to carry out your intentions under the terms of your Will. These persons will be known as your Executors.
  4. Have two names in mind as to who you would like to appoint to act as Trustees and Guardians for your children if they are under the age of 18 years. These two people can also be your Executors.

When executing a Will, it is the Testators intentions that are of paramount importance.  However, under the Succession Act 1965 (as amended) your Spouse will be entitled to what’s known as the Legal Right Share, and the remainder of your Estate can bear Applications from any Children you may have.  This is what is commonly known as a Section 117 Application taken by Children of the deceased.  We also deal with defence of such claims against Estates.