It is important for you to make a Will for a number of reasons: i. To ensure your wishes are carried out after your death. If you do not do this the law on Intestacy will decide what happens to your Estate. This could be entirely contrary to your wishes. ii. To maximise tax for your Beneficiaries. Iii. To make proper provision for your dependents and if necessary appoint a Testamentary Guardian for minor children (a surviving married parent is automatically a Guardian). iv. The administration of a testate Estate is quicker and less expensive. v. You can choose who is to handle your affairs on death ie. You can appoint an Executor. vi. A Will should be thought about and planned for and should be considered by all age groups. A Will is relevant to every person who has responsibilities as well as assets. vii. Wills should be reviewed and as your life circumstances change, you should make a new Will in accordance with your current circumstances.